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Therapy FAQs

What is it like to talk to a therapist?

A therapist is a non-judgmental, neutral, and supportive mental health professional who helps you talk through your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours so you understand them better and can cope more effectively with your concerns and issues.


A therapist also works with you to explore your goals, assists you with problem-solving, and partners with you to uncover any potential barriers in your way so they can help you rise above them. 


What can I expect in my first therapy session?

The therapist may start off a session asking if you have any questions about the consent form or intake form that you completed.


They might also reiterate some general details (e.g. limits of confidentiality, cancellation policy, session length, etc.) if this was not already discussed in your initial consultation.


Your therapist may ask some clarifying questions about what you shared in your intake form if they need more information. They might also start off the session by asking "what is the most important issue you are dealing with right now?"


Your therapist will be making notes to help them recall important information and they will keep this information in a secure, confidential space.


You might find that the first session includes you providing a lot of background information to bring the therapist up to speed on your personal history, and that is ok. More in-depth conversations will come with time. 


How do I know if the therapist is a good fit for me?

The therapist-client connection is an important one that often predicts whether or not the client will find therapy helpful.


Here are some pointers to look out for that might signal your therapist is a good fit for you:

  • you feel comfortable talking to them

  • you notice you are sharing personal information with ease

  • you don't feel judged

  • you can be yourself and are accepted as you are

  • your therapist works at your pace and is patient and supportive while you try to achieve your goals

  • your therapist encourages your growth and development in a kind and compassionate manner

  • you are seeing positive changes in your mood, thoughts, and behaviour

  • you are generally coping better with stressors or issues that brought you to therapy in the first place


How do I get started with therapy?

Clients are often encouraged to seek out consultations with a few therapists to find a fit that works for them.


If you would like to request a free 15 minute phone consult, please Book A Free Consult or reach out directly under the Contact page. 

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