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Therapy Approach

  • Caring

  • Encouraging

  • Compassionate

  • Goal-focused, action-oriented, and transparent

  • Client-centred

  • Strength-based and solution-focused

  • Open to all religions, ethnicities, cultures, and genders/orientations

  • Anti-oppressive, inclusive, feminist

Therapy Modalities

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Learn how to change your anxious or self-critical thoughts and understand the connection between your thougths, feelings, and behaviours

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Learn about your strengths, identify exceptions to the problem, recognize how you have coped well, rate your motivation and confidence, and visualize what life could look like if your problem was resolved ​

Motivational Interviewing

Learn about your internal motivation to resolve your issues, figure out what is getting in your way, overcome challenges and barriers, and maintain and build upon positive changes


Learn about the value of self-compassion, gratitude, deep breathing, self-care, and focusing on the present

If you would like to request a free 15 minute phone consultation, please Book A Free Consult or reach out directly under the Contact page. 

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